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Class 91 'InterCity 225'

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Width: 14.8 cm
Height: 21 cm

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Class 91 ‘Electra/InterCity 225’

In the late 1980s the East Coast Main Line was being electrified. To equip the new services British Rail developed a new train called the InterCity 225. One Class 91 at the country end powering a rake of Mk4 coaches and a Driving Van Trailer at the London King’s Cross end.

GEC won the contract to build these unique looking locos called ‘Electras’ during development stage. Streamlined at one end reducing drag during high speed running while the blunt end blended with the leading coach to reduce turbulence on the pantograph.

Class 91s were the flagship of the ECML until the introduction of Hitachi Class 800 units in 2019.

Printed on 200gsm Tintoretto

Soft textured surface paper that has a natural white finish equivalent to a traditional water colour fine art paper, designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction.

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