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Advanced Passenger Train - Class 370

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The Advanced Passenger Train

Just like the French TGV, the Advanced Passenger Train Class 370 was born out of a gas-turbine prototype, but that’s where the similarities end between the two.

Unlike the French, the British government were not prepared to invest in brand new high speed infrastructure, instead British Rail Engineering came up with an innovative solution, a tilting train to travel on the curved sections of the UK’s rail network at high speed.

The APT was packed with innovative ideas and a very smooth tilting mechanism, the train went through a long development and testing stage, but it suffered many teething problems and the UK Government in the end gave up and pulled the funding. Maybe the APT was too advanced for its own good, many say the tilt mechanism was too smooth, the passengers were unable to feel the tilt, but visually they could see it and this made some passengers feel queasy.

Everything wasn’t lost, the technology was sold to the Italians who perfected everything and created the Pendolino. Other elements of the APT were included into the INTERCITY 225, not as advanced as the APT, but its heritage can be traced back to the APT.


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