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Class 455

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Class 455 - South Western


Third rail Electric Multiple Units built in York by BREL between 1982 and 1985

There are three different types of 455s on the South Western network, each one is easy to recognise.

First came the 455/8s, these are easily distinguished by the square looking front ends and the airhorns positioned at roof height.

455/7s came next. These were initially built as three car units, but this was changed by adding an extra coach displaced from the Liverpool fleet. 455/7s have a revised cleaner front end style.

455/9s came last. These have the revised front end and all coaches have the same look and style.

The unit drawn in this illustration is 455726. The first unit I worked as a guard. What also makes this unit stand out is having a coach with the number 77777.

Here 455726 is shown in all the liveries it has worn since its release.

1. BR Blue and Grey

2. Network SouthEast

3. Original South West Trains

4. South West Trains Red "Metro" livery.


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