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Class 802 Trans Pennine Express 'Nova 1': A3 Colour Print

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Width: 42 cm
Height: 29.7 cm

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Class 802 Trans Pennine Express 'Nova 1'

Built by Hitachi, the outer shells are first built at the Kasado plant in Japan and then shipped to Pistoria in Italy to be completed.

Class 802s are broadly the same as other Class 800 Bi-modes and are operated the same way. The big difference is the higher engine operating power and larger fuel tanks.

19 are used in fixed 5 car formations know as Nova 1s. They run between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh.


Print size is A3 only


Printed on 200gsm Tintoretto

Soft textured surface paper that has a natural white finish equivalent to a traditional water colour fine art paper, designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction.

Please note

  • Frame is not included
  • Please allow 5 working days for delivery.
  • Due to the variety of computer settings, colours seen on your screen may vary slightly from the actual printed colour.


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