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London North Eastern Railway Trio

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London North Eastern Railway Trio


Class 43, Class 91 and Class 800

The “new” LNER started on June 24th 2018. The government took over the East Coast Train Operating Company from Virgin Trains and gave the new company the famous initials/name LNER.


Between July 2018 and July 2019, 22.3 million passenger journeys were made. Serving 49 stations, its trains cover 13.5 million miles annually. 60% of its passengers  finish or start their journey at King’s Cross. The longest daily service run by LNER is the 580 mile Highland Chieftain between London and Inverness.

Since 15th May 2019, the Hitachi Class 800 Azumas have been replacing the InterCity 125s and InterCity 225s.

The 125s finished LNER service in December 2019 and some InterCity 225s are still running up and down the East Coast, but will be phased out as more of the 65 strong fleet of Azumas are finished and become available.


This illustration has all three types of train running in passenger service during 2019.

Printed on 200gsm Tintoretto

Soft textured surface paper that has a natural white finish equivalent to a traditional water colour fine art paper, designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction.

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